How to keep your computer and your personal information safe

1. Keep the Firewall Turned On
From the Control Panel select Windows Firewall, under General Tab make sure the radio button is checked next to the Green Shield that reads On (Recommended)
2. Keep the Phishing Filter Turned On
From the Control Panel select Internet Options, under Advance Tab, roll down to Security, look for Phishing, and make sure the radio button is checked that reads Turn on automatic website checking
3. Make sure Critical Updates are installed for your operating system.
From the Control Panel select Automatic Updates and make sure the radio button is checked that reads Automatic (Recommended)
4. Keep your virus program up to date
Look at your Update Manager or User Interface in your virus program and make sure that the updates are done every four hours. Look for and view the statistics to see when the last update was done. You also should see when the last complete scan was done.
If you noticed that the updates and complete scan has not been done for awhile this could indicate an issue with your virus program or indicate the program is expired.
5. Use Google tool bar to help block unwanted pop-ups
I have used and tested every tool bar, browser add-on, out there and Google tool bar appears to be the best at blocking unwanted pop-ups.
6. Run “CCleaner” every day after working online
Is the “number-one” tool for cleaning window PCs. CCleaner removes unwanted files from your computer within minutes. It also helps to protect your privacy while online. I run CCleaner every day to keep my computer clean and running great.

Author: mrmartink

Front-end web developer currently creating new sites and doing maintenance for small businesses and non-profits such as City Chamber of Commerce and Public Safety. Mr. Martin has been a Technology Instructor for a local Community College since 2007. Mr. Martin is teaching Information Technology 101, Computer Essential 101, Word , Excel, PowerPoint , Access DB, Introduction to HTML/Web Page Design, and Web Design 1, Advance Web Design 2, WordPress, HTML5, CSS, and Linux Admin. Available as adjunct instructor for online classes for community colleges for Fall and Spring semester.

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