Work with GridLines in Word 2007


I received a call from a user who somehow turned on gridlines within Word 2007 and had no idea how to turn them off.  The gridlines are great option to use when working objects within Word.  When you turn on the gridlines you get a visual grid that helps to adjust objects to the text or other objects.
There are two methods to turning on the gridlines.  The first is to select VIEW tab and under the group SHOW/HIDE, select the box next to text that reads GRIDLINES.  When you uncheck the box, the gridlines will go away.
The other method is to select the object you have on your document,  now the Format tab will appear. How there is a group that reads Arrange, to the right of Align select the down arrow for the dropdown menu to appear.  In this menu select Grid Settings.  In the next window that reads Drawing Grid, check the box under Show Grid, now hit OK

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