Clean the junk from your computer

One of the utility program that many of my students ask about is “CCleaner”. CCleaner is easy-to-use, and very affordable, because it’s free or purchase the Professional version for 25.00 dollars. Well known as “number-one” tool for cleaning Window PC. Removes unwanted files from your computer within minutes. It also helps to protect you privacy while online. To find CCleaner, type in key word CCleaner in Google.

P.S. while on their web site check out Recuva, it’s a free file recovery program that works. For those you who have wiped out your wife’s photos from the computer. It’s truly a life saver! I also use the Defraggler on my personal computers.


Backup Solution

Seagate 1TB Backup Drive

It’s not very often that I recommend a hardware device because what may be easy to install and use for me may not be that easy for someone else. However I have to recommend Seagate Backup Plus portable drive. Also know as Slim or plus external drives. You can purchase the  1TB USB drive, and installed the Seagate Dashboard, ran a full system backup on your system within minutes. You can schedule the program to run a backup daily or monthly. It was very easy to install and very easy to run the backup. A feature that many of you would be interested in, is the ability to back up all your social media files.  Just a side note, schedule a full backup once a week and incremental backup every day.

Application to Install After System Restore

When you do a system restore on your computer, or have new computer, there are some applications you want to make sure you install; Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Shockwave, Google Chrome browser, which is the most popular web browser, a virus protection software.

Also make sure all the updates have been installed for the operating system you are running, such as Windows 7  or Windows 10 security patches and service packs. Extra bonus try using CutePDF Writer which is a print driver used to convert your documents to pdf format.  Yes, I know you have the ability to convert Word documents into a PDF format, but you will be surprised by the number of times you use CutePDF Writer for other applications. I also like to run “CCleaner” which is used to clean up unwanted files and cookie from your computer. Be sure to step backup schedule for your entire operating system and applications after you have installed all the essential programs.