Clean the junk from your computer

One of the utility program that many of my students ask about is “CCleaner”. CCleaner is easy-to-use, and very affordable, because it’s free or purchase the Professional version for 25.00 dollars. Well known as “number-one” tool for cleaning Window PC. Removes unwanted files from your computer within minutes. It also helps to protect you privacy while online. To find CCleaner, type in key word CCleaner in Google.

P.S. while on their web site check out Recuva, it’s a free file recovery program that works. For those you who have wiped out your wife’s photos from the computer. It’s truly a life saver! I also use the Defraggler on my personal computers.


Author: mrmartink

Front-end web developer currently creating new sites and doing maintenance for small businesses and non-profits such as City Chamber of Commerce and Public Safety. Mr. Martin has been a Technology Instructor for a local Community College since 2007. Mr. Martin is teaching Information Technology 101, Computer Essential 101, Word , Excel, PowerPoint , Access DB, Introduction to HTML/Web Page Design, and Web Design 1, Advance Web Design 2, WordPress, HTML5, CSS, and Linux Admin. Available as adjunct instructor for online classes for community colleges for Fall and Spring semester.

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