To add User account in Ubuntu 14.04


Ubuntu 14.04

Add User. In directory home, Lock User, Unlock User, Kill User Session, Delete User, and Remove User Directory

To Add User

 sudo useradd -m -s /bin/bash  username

 sudo passwd username

It will prompt you to enter the password once then again to confirm

 cd  /home

ls  (lower case L)

To view the users in the home directory

Then you should see new user home directory

To disable (lock account) user:  sudo passwd – l username     (lower case L)

To unlock the accountsudo passwd -u username

Will be prompt admin password to complete the task.

To delete a user: sudo userdel username

If you get a message that the user is in a session;

Then you do:  sudo pkill -KILL -u username

Then perform the:  sudo userdel username

If you were to do ls to view the users in the home directory you will still see there is a directory for the user. To remove the user’s directory do the following:

sudo rm -r /home/username

Looking again with command ls you now see that user’s directory has been remove.



Author: mrmartink

Front-end web developer currently creating new sites and doing maintenance for small businesses and non-profits such as City Chamber of Commerce and Public Safety. Mr. Martin has been a Technology Instructor for a local Community College since 2007. Mr. Martin is teaching Information Technology 101, Computer Essential 101, Word , Excel, PowerPoint , Access DB, Introduction to HTML/Web Page Design, and Web Design 1, Advance Web Design 2, WordPress, HTML5, CSS, and Linux Admin. Available as adjunct instructor for online classes for community colleges for Fall and Spring semester.

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