WD 4 TB My Book My Review

WD My Book 4TB
WD My Book 4TB

Here is the deal, I have never taken the time nor had any interest in writing a review about any product until today. I recently made a purchase of WD 4 TB My Book for backing up all my files.  Setting up and install of the program was the easy part of the process. Configuring a backup schedule took only seconds to complete. However, once you have completed your first backup, it took some time for me to find out how to view the files that were backed up or confirm that the backup completed. Even then you still are not sure that back was completed, as you do not see the actual files or paths.  One the features I thought was great was the ability to backup Cloud files such Google Drive and Dropbox files.  You will need your user name, password and complete some verification for each to complete this task.  When completed you have no real proof that the cloud storage was backed up other than the word “completed”, and you will need to hunt for that confirmation.  Just my two-cent worth.


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