Backup Solution

Seagate 1TB Backup Drive

It’s not very often that I recommend a hardware device because what may be easy to install and use for me may not be that easy for someone else. However I have to recommend Seagate Backup Plus portable drive. Also know as Slim or plus external drives. You can purchase the  1TB USB drive, and installed the Seagate Dashboard, ran a full system backup on your system within minutes. You can schedule the program to run a backup daily or monthly. It was very easy to install and very easy to run the backup. A feature that many of you would be interested in, is the ability to back up all your social media files.  Just a side note, schedule a full backup once a week and incremental backup every day.

Application to Install After System Restore

When you do a system restore on your computer, or have new computer, there are some applications you want to make sure you install; Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Shockwave, Google Chrome browser, which is the most popular web browser, a virus protection software.

Also make sure all the updates have been installed for the operating system you are running, such as Windows 7  or Windows 10 security patches and service packs. Extra bonus try using CutePDF Writer which is a print driver used to convert your documents to pdf format.  Yes, I know you have the ability to convert Word documents into a PDF format, but you will be surprised by the number of times you use CutePDF Writer for other applications. I also like to run “CCleaner” which is used to clean up unwanted files and cookie from your computer. Be sure to step backup schedule for your entire operating system and applications after you have installed all the essential programs.

Visually Learning Microsoft Office 2016

If you are new to Microsoft Office 2016, then you will be interested in this article. There are three text books that I recommend to new user of Office 2016. These text books are affordable and easy to use. They are Teach Yourself Visually Word 20016, Teach Yourself Visually Excel 20016 and Teach Yourself Visually PowerPoint 2016. The key word here is visually! What I like about these text books is that you can work from home, visually follow step by step of instructions, and become very savvy with Microsoft Office within a month. These text books cost under $20.00 to 25.00 each and can be purchase from

How do you know what version of Office you have

Interesting questions came up the other day, “How do you know what version of Office you have”?  To a guy who has been around technology for years, I never thought about shown my students on how to check what versions of Microsoft Office they are using.  So here is the quick rundown of the steps to check for the version in Office 2003, Office 2007 and new Office 2010.

Office 2003:

Open Word and at the top of the menu bar you have File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, and Tools, and so on…select the Help drop down menu. In the dropdown menu select About Microsoft Office Word.

In this window you will see the first line of text will tell you the version of Office you are using.

Office 2007:

Open Word, select the Microsoft Office Button then select Word Options. In the Word Options window, select Resources then select in the right window About. You will see another window that reads About Microsoft Office Word. There in the first line of text you will see the version of Microsoft Office you are using.


Office 2010:

Office 2010 is much easier to view the version, simple open Word, select File from the menu, and select HELP. In the windows just below Product Activated, you will see that the first line of text shows you the version of Microsoft Office you are running, and below that you will see a listed of products contained in this version of Office 2010

Work with GridLines in Word 2007


I received a call from a user who somehow turned on gridlines within Word 2007 and had no idea how to turn them off.  The gridlines are great option to use when working objects within Word.  When you turn on the gridlines you get a visual grid that helps to adjust objects to the text or other objects.
There are two methods to turning on the gridlines.  The first is to select VIEW tab and under the group SHOW/HIDE, select the box next to text that reads GRIDLINES.  When you uncheck the box, the gridlines will go away.
The other method is to select the object you have on your document,  now the Format tab will appear. How there is a group that reads Arrange, to the right of Align select the down arrow for the dropdown menu to appear.  In this menu select Grid Settings.  In the next window that reads Drawing Grid, check the box under Show Grid, now hit OK

Backup Your Data 2017


I had a great lunch conversation with a good friend the other day, that started me thinking about my business and where I am at today. It seems to me that if you want to be successful in life you need to keep adjusting and staying touch with the field you are working in. Example; I think that you would agreed that Technology is always changing.   Like the moves from floppy drives, to CD drives and then to DVD drives, and now cloud storage.  Well, I have seen it all, and now I’m teaching others to understand hardware, software, networking and how to protect their computers from virus and identity theft.
However, there is one thing, I seem to never get across to my students, family and friends, that is backing up their data!  It seems such a simple task for someone working in technology for 30 years, but it seems to always take the back seat to everything else, until your computer fails to startup or you’re attacked by a major virus. Now with the cost of backup drives at all time low price there is no reason not to backup your computer and data.
You can purchase a 500 GB Passport Portable External Drive for about $84.00 dollars and 1 TB Passport for around $98.00 dollars. If you are big into digital photos go for the 1 TB drive. These drives come with a program that’s easy to install and easy to configure for full schedule backup. What’s nice about these drives is that you can take them with you while traveling or going on business trip. Make this a priority for 2013….

Turn off markup in Office 2007

Some of my friends and family know I have been working as part-time system administrator for a local insurance company and it has been interesting to see some of the issues they are running into.
Like this one, you create a very important Word document using Office 2007 and you were tracking changes to that document. When you finish the changes you saved the Final document, however all the red markup from the changes still appears on the final document.  Here are the steps for correcting this issue…
Microsoft Office 2007 has a switch turned on, (the box is checked), for “Make hidden mark-up visible when opening and saving.  The needs to be turned off, to do this you need to be in Word, then select the office radio button, select Word Options, then select Trust Center, now select Trust Center Settings, uncheck the box for  Make hidden mark-up visible when opening and saving. Hit ok when finished.